April 2017: The Future

There are no crystal balls in this issue but we’re considering the future and what it will hold for our families. Our writers muse over topics such as the expat issue of moving to a new country, how to know when your family is complete, preserving your children’s artwork and memories, and how to determine your kids’ pocket money; plus, we have a moving poem about youth and the future. Delicious recipes in this issue include Korma Curry, Beetroot Raita, and American-style pancakes. Cancer is a topic we might not feel comfortable with, but our Family Health doctor has gone into a lot of depth about what we should know and do to prevent cancer. We have both an Easter craft and a Spring one for you and your kids to enjoy together. Dinosaur lovers, please read our current Out and About. There’s a lot more: it’s all listed on our table of contents page here. Besides the quality writing from our team members and contributors, don’t forget to look at the gorgeous photographs and illustrations created for our April / May issue. Happy reading and happy Spring!


Nana Dolly’s Lamb Korma by Maria de Conceicao Wittwer

Preserving Memories of Our Children for the Future by Shinta Simon

How Many Children Do You Hope to Have? by Kate Prinsloo

“We’re Moving to Sweden?!?” by Jennifer Dziekan

“We Have to Be Heard” by Joanna Koch and Kudzanai O. Munodawafa

Pocket Money: When? Why? How Much? by Aradhna Sethi


Baby Baby | Top Five Tips for Expectant Parents

Crafty Kids | Spring Flowers & Easter Bag Craft

Education Matters |  Why Do We Choose Forest Schools?

Expat Corner | A Worrying Future

Fathering | Risk-taking 101

Family Health | Your Future Health and Cancer

In the Kitchen | Homemade “American-Style” Pancakes

La Leche League | Breastfeeding for Your Baby’s Future

Loco Parentis | Shiny, Happy MomBots

Out & About | Dinosaurs in Switzerland

Third Culture Matters | The Past in the Future

Twinville | Looking to Our Twins’ Educational Future in Switzerland

Don’t forget to check out What’s On for April and May 2017.

Illustration by Laura Munteanu

April / May 2017 Issue Contributors

Column and Feature Editors: Tanya Deans, Dina El-Halaby,  Liz Le Feuvre, Carol McDonald, Karin Mohler, Michelle Seaton Witte, Andrea Snashall

Webmaster / Layout Designer: Tanya Deans

Chief Copyeditor: Carol McDonald

Issue Coordinator: Andrea Snashall

Writers: Rachel Blate, Doris Cecilio, Maria de Conceicao Wittwer, Jennifer Dziekan, Tammy Furey, Robyn Goss, Dina El Halaby,  Dr Jahura Hossain, Joanna Koch, Karin Mohler, Kudzanai O. Munodawafa, Laura Munteanu,  Polly Pupulin, Kate Prinsloo, Aradhna Sethi, Monica Shah, Shinta Simon,  Teresa Müller, Brian Wilson

Illustration Coordinator: Laura Munteanu

Illustrators: Rachel Blate (photos),  BVisual (Beth), Doris Cecilio (diagrams and photo), Cloudia Chen (photos), Maria de Conceicao Wittwer (photos), Jennifer Dziekan (photo), Masha Ellis, Lara Friedrich, Emma Hookey (photos), Daniel Müller (photos), Laura Munteanu, Albina Nogueira,  Kate Prinsloo (photos), Lemady Rochard, Shinta Simon (photos)

Proofreader: Andrea Snashall

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest Moderators: Andrea Snashall, Kate Prinsloo

Advertising Coordinator: Clare Ferrari

Finance: Iliana Eichholzer

Communications: Andrea Snashall, Clare Ferrari

Logo: Suzanne Evans-Ackermann

Web Designer: Maximilian Wulf

Our next issue appearing in June, 2017 will be entitled Journeys!

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