February 7, 2021 was the 50th anniversary of women getting the vote in Switzerland after a long struggle against chronic intransigence. Over the past year we have been collectively engaged in another kind of struggle: a pandemic that has tested our stamina as parents, as we have had to change and restrict our family lives. Resilience enables us to recover from setbacks, to delve into our inner resources and carry on, no matter what life throws at us. Therefore, dear readers, in this issue you will find resilience-boosting articles and ideas for the long haul. We will get through this, together! 

Monica Shah Zeeman, Editor


Don’t Upset the Men – the Resilience of Women in Switzerland | Alison Langley

What is Resilience? | interview with Jaron Bernstein,  by Monica Shah Zeeman

My Bitter and Sweet Year | by Adriana Niculescu

Resilience in Children | by April Remfrey

The Power of Not Yet | by Branka Rezan

Out of My Comfort Zone | by Eva Kala Harvison

Reflecting Our Fears | by Sara Goti Jackson

Cover illustration by Laura Munteanu


Baby Baby  Pandemic Pregnancy | by Nayana Chakrabarti

Breastfeeding Matters​ |​ Breastmilk and Storage by Joanna Koch

Expat Corner | Staying at Home – Resources for Parents by Nayana Chakrabarti

In the Kitchen​ | Pasta e Fagioli – Pasta & Bean Soup by Carina Katz, nutritional analysis by Dr Janice Sych

Family Health | Covid 19 for Christmas by Caroline Clarke

Out and About |​ Short Walks & Winter Adventures by Sara Goti Jackson

February – March 2021 Issue Contributors 

Issue Coordinator: Monica Shah Zeeman

Chief Copyeditor: Carol McDonald

Illustration Coordinator: Anju Nair

Illustrators:  Cloudia Chen (photo), Eva Kala Harvison (photos), Aleksandra Koroleva, Diana Kuebler (photo), Laura Munteanu, Lemady Rochard, Andrea Snashall (graphic)

Proofreaders: Monica Shah Zeeman, Andrea Snashall

Social Media Coordinators: Andrea Snashall, Tracy Wellons

Webmaster / Layout Designers: Marites Ylagan, Diana Kuebler

Writers: Jaron Bernstein, Carina Katz, Nayana Chakrabarti, Caroline Clarke, Sara Goti Jackson, Eva Kala Harvison, Joanna Koch, Alison Langley, Adriana NiculescuApril Remfrey, Branka Rezan, Monica Shah Zeeman, Janice Sych

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