Comfort and Joy

Exploring themes that give us comfort and joy throughout this year’s holiday season


Got Covid? Keep Calm and Carry On Breastfeeding | by Alison Langley

Cultural Mask-Appropriation | by Michelle Kiener

‘Tis The Season to Sing, Dance and Be Merry | by Alison Langley

Creating a Photo Book Gift | by Cloudia Chen


Breastfeeding Matters | The First Thousand Days of Life

Crafty Kids | Angel Christmas Craft

In the Kitchen | Food for the Gods Recipe; Glühwein Recipe; Melomakárona (Μελομακάρονα) – Greek Honey Christmas Cookies

Cover illustration by Laura Munteanu

December 2020 Issue Contributors

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Illustrators: Vicky Bogers (photo), Cloudia Chen (photo), Maria de Conceicao (photo), Eva Kala Harvison (photo), Michelle Kiener (photo), Aleksandra Koroleva, Laura Munteanu

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