Our Home on Earth

It is Earth day on 22nd April. As the world’s governments continue to grapple with the health of humans another pressing issue of our time snaps at its heels: how to protect our planet. Read in this issue a myriad of ideas for how as parents we can instil respect and go beyond fear of the future to bringing up children who love nature, so that our children have a safe outdoor environment for generations to come.

Monica Shah Zeeman, Editor


Kids in the Garden and The Three Sisters | by Alison Langley

Ask the Scientists: What Kids Want to Know about the Earth, Environment and Climate | by Dr. Teresa Bingham Müller and Dr. Daniel Müller

Good for the Mind | by Sara Goti Jackson

Connecting with Nature | by Gnome (Katharine) Liston


Breastfeeding Matters​ |​ Breastfeeding and the Environment by Joanna Koch

Education MattersChampions of Nature by Diana Kübler with Eco-Tips!

Expat CornerShopping with heart by Grace Reddy

In the Kitchen​ | Foraging and Wild Garlic Pesto by Alison Langley

Out and About |​ Sustainability and Equality by Sara Goti Jackson

Recommended Playing |​ A board game for a world that’s falling apart by Valeria Camia

April – May 2021 Issue Contributors 

Issue Coordinator: Monica Shah Zeeman

Chief Copyeditor: Carol McDonald

Illustration Coordinator: Anju Nair

Illustrators:  Cloudia Chen (photo), Alison Langley (photo), Ethiopian Enterprises (photos), Aleksandra Koroleva, Michela Leonardi (photo), Laura Munteanu, Grace Reddy, Lemady Rochard

Social Media Coordinator: Andrea Snashall

Webmaster / Layout Designers: Diana Kuebler, Marites Ylagan

Writers: Valeria Camia, Sara Goti Jackson, Joanna Koch, Diana Kübler, Alison Langley, Gnome Liston, Dr. Teresa Bingham Müller and Dr. Daniel Müller, Grace Reddy

Cover page Illustration by Laura Munteanu

Laura Munteanu is a Zurich based illustrator and mother of a teenage daughter. She enjoys writing poetry and short stories, and often asks her husband to proofread them. You can see her going for her daily walks in the nearby forest, though she would sometimes prefer the colourful streets of District 4. You can find Laura on Instagram here: @inthecompanyofhumans

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