February 2017: That’s Funny!

Everyone could use a good laugh these days, especially families. Humor doesn’t just entertain. It brings us together, dispels tension, helps us relax, and builds friendships. Our February / March issue is full of ideas on the role humor has in our every day lives, from education to health, even to discipline. Enjoy!


A Day in the Life of a Hospital Clown

Laughing and Learning

Giggle Parenting for the Morning Rush

Laughter Yoga

Good News from Lemlem Baro School


Crafty Kids Make a Funny Box!

Education Matters | Comedy and Control in the Classroom

Expat Corner Humour: The Number One Expat Survival Tool

Expat Bump Diaries A Dramatic Start to 2017 and the Final Countdown to Baby

Fathering | Laughing Matters

Family Health | Funny Turns in Children

In the Kitchen | coming soon

La Leche League | Strange Myths About Breastfeeding

Loco Parentis | What Are You Laughing At?

Out & About | Finding Your Fun at Basler Fasnacht

Recommended Reading I Books That Make Kids (and Parents) Laugh

Third Culture Matters | Teasing Out the Fun at Kinderfasnacht

Twinville | Can We Discipline Using Humor?

Don’t forget to check out What’s On Zurich and Basel for February / March 2017.

Main illustration by Laura Munteanu

February / March 2017 Issue Contributors

Column and Feature Editors: Tanya Deans, Dina El-Halaby,  Liz Le Feuvre, Carol McDonald, Karin Mohler, Michelle Seaton Witte, Andrea Snashall

Webmaster / Layout Designer: Tanya Deans

Chief Copyeditor: Carol McDonald

Writers: Mary Bider, Margaret Brace, Beth Brupbacher, Robyn Goss, Dina El Halaby,  Tammy Furey, Dr Jahura Hossain, Kate Orson, Carol McDonald, Karin Mohler, Albina Nogueira, Monica Shah, Lesley Stephenson, Michelle Seaton Witte, Brian Wilson

Illustration Coordinator: Laura Munteanu

Illustrators: BVisual (Beth), Lara Friedrich,  Susana Gutierrez, Diana Kübler (photos), Karin Mohler (photos), Laura Munteanu,  Albina Nogueira,  Lemady Rochard, Brian Wilson (photo)

Proofreader: Andrea Snashall

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Our next issue appearing in April, 2017 will be entitled Family and Future.








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