Make a Funny Box!

For the moments when you feel empty of funny ideas, a funny box can help. It can easily be made from a tissue box. This could also make a nice gift for a friend or a relative, whether they need cheering up or just enjoy a laugh.

Materials needed:

  • Tissue box
  • Small coloured pieces of paper
  • Pencil or pen
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors


  1. First, take some small, coloured pieces of paper. Write on them: funny ideas, funny drawings, jokes, or just something that makes you smile.
  2. After that join all the papers, one by one, with Scotch tape and make into a roll.
  3. Decorate a tissue box; take out any leftover tissues and open it, carefully, on the top, and put in your roll of funny papers.
  4. Use a small stick or a pencil, if you have one in the right size, to hold the roll.
  5. Close the box up with Scotch tape and use it whenever you need it!

Here’s a good joke to start with:

A little boy went to the library to check out a book titled Comprehensive Guide for Mothers.

“Is this for your mother?” the librarian asked.

“No,” said the boy.

“So why are you checking it out?”

“Because I started collecting moths last week.”


Text and illustrations by Albina Nogueira

Albina has been a primary school teacher since 1992, and a writer and illustrator since 2006. She currently lives in Switzerland, but her homeland is Portugal. She is also the author of Letters to Grandparents and Hairdresser. To find out more, like her on Facebook or see her books in Amazon.







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