Oct 2019: Flexibility and the Family


Flexible Integration: Bending without Breaking by Tracy Wellons

The Family Climate: Adapting and Mitigating by Michelle Kiener

Your Child and the Flexible Swiss Education System by Daniel Mueller

Flexible Family by Michelle Kiener

The Importance of Being Cognitively Flexible by Teresa Bingham Mueller with Christina Merz

Flexibility, Thy Name Is Frau by Carol McDonald


Breastfeeding Matters | Breastfeeding and the Environment

Crafty Kids | Make a Wall Hanging

Education | Coping with Change at Home and at School

In the Kitchen | Autumn Wine Cream Soup

Out and About | The Swiss Transport Museum Celebrates Flexible Transportation

Don’t forget to check out What’s On for Families Basel and What’s On for Families Zurich for October and November 2019.

Cover illustration by Laura Munteanu

Our next issue is appearing in December 2019. The topic will be At Home for the Holidays.

Oct-Nov 2019 Issue Contributors

Chief Copyeditor: Carol McDonald

Webmaster / Layout Designer: Marites Ylagan, Tanya Deans

Illustration Coordinator: Anju Nair

Issue Editor & Coordinator: Teresa Bingham-Mueller

Writers: Nadine Deutscher, Dina El Halaby, Michelle Kiener, Joanna Koch, Carol McDonald, Daniel Mueller, Teresa Mueller, Laura Munteanu, Tracy Wellons, Monica Shah Zeeman

Illustrators: Aleksandra Koroleva,  Daniel Mueller (photos), Teresa Mueller (photos), Laura Munteanu, Lemady Rochard

Proofreaders: Carol McDonald, Teresa Mueller, Andrea Snashall

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest Moderators: Andrea Snashall, Tracy Wellon

Social Coordinator: Iliana Eichholzer

Communications: Andrea Snashall

Logo: Laura Munteanu

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