Autumn Wine Cream Soup

Soup is a tantalizing staple in Switzerland that is usually enjoyed with salad before a main course. This recipe will warm your tummy and bring a smile to your face! And even though it contains wine, the alcohol boils off during the cooking phase so children can enjoy it too.


30 g butter
200 g onions, finely chopped
7.5 dl white wine, preferably Riesling
7.5 dl water
30 g vegetable bouillon
35 g cornstarch or rice flour
0.75 litre cream or light cream (cream is best)


Heat the butter in a large pot (large enough to hold 3 liters of liquid) over medium-low heat. Add the finely chopped onions and sauté until glassy. Add the wine to the butter and onion mixture and heat until boiling. Mix 3 dl of water with the bouillon and rice flour in a small container. Add this thickening agent to the boiling wine mixture in the pot. Stir and then add the remaining water and the cream. Cook the mixture for 30 minutes allowing it boil mildly stirring now and then. Do check to make sure the mixture does not thicken too much.

Enjoy the soup with a lamb’s lettuce salad and fresh bread for a light meal, or as an appetizer.

Text and photo by Nadine Deutscher

Nadine currently has a practicum as a chef in Aadorf, Switzerland, while she is continuing her education at SHL College of Catering and Hotel Management “Hotelfachschule” in Lucerne.

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