June 2016: Summertime Fun

The warm and sunny summer months are here. Whether you go inline skating or fishing, take off hiking or travel to France or Italy – it’s time to boost your Vitamin D levels, spending time outdoors. And don’t forget to cool down with some colourful cocktails! Enjoy the lovely long days and have fun in the sun!

-Aradhna Sethi


Summer Time in Canton Schwyz by Amy Roulston

Outdoors and on the Move – Good Medicine for Everyone by Jane Greis

A Long Weekend in Burgundy by Ashley Klukowski

Family fun in Positano by Kate Prinsloo

Inline Skating: Fun for the Entire Family! by Franziska Wick

Fishing with Kids in Switzerland by Oliver Streuli

Ready, Steady, Go! Three Fun Summer Cocktalis by Rachael Soster-Smith


Baby Baby Doulas – Beautiful Caregivers
Crafty Kids 
Summer Activities Notebook
Education Matters Physical Development and Learning: Moving is Thinking
Expat Corner The Forever Future of the Summer!
Family Health | Caring for an Infant with Diarrhoea and Vomiting
Fathering |  Summer Excursions That Make a Splash
In the Kitchen | Popsicles to Beat the Summer Heat
La Leche League | The Surprising Side of Breastfeeding
Out & About | Roman Footsteps in Switzerland
Third Culture Matters | Summertime Fun – Secret Ingredients?
Twinville | Double the Fun

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Illustration by Laura Munteanu

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Illustration Coordinator: Clare Ferrari

Illustrators: Lara Friedrich, Jane Greis (photos), Susana Gutierrez, Kiki Kaisserian,  Ashley Klukowski (photos), Teresa Müller (photos), Laura Munteanu, Albina Nogueira, Kate Prinsloo (photos), Lemady Rochard, Shinta Simon (photos), Rachael Soster Smith (photos), Oliver Streuli (photos)

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