August 2015: Language

August 2015 Issue: Languages

Hello, Hallo, Bonjour, Namaste, Hola, and, of course, Grüezi mitenand! This issue of Mothering Matters is all about languages. What language should I speak with my kids? Should new parents follow the OPOL (one parent, one language) rule? Is it important that your children speak English? Will they integrate well if we move to a new country? Are there ways we can help them to learn a new language? What are some of the challenges of raising a bilingual/multilingual kid?

Our writers tackle these questions and more in this month’s issue on language.


Growing Up Multilingual, by Keerthana Nagarajan

Sink or Swim: The Deep End of Immersion Language Learning, by Rachael Soster Smith

Tales from a Bilingual Household, by Maria de Conceicao Wittwer

Bilingual Story Time, by Joy Pénard


Crafty Kids | Words on the Fridge
Education Matters | Two School Languages for Your Children! …but at What Price?
Expat Corner | Why Does Learning a New Language Feel Soooooo Bad?
Family Health | Baby Talk
Fathering | Talking moves us forward
In the Kitchen | A Rösti by Any Other Name…
La Leche League | Talking about Breastfeeding
Out & About | Aarau: Home of Wildpark Roggenhausen and Naturama Museum
Recommended Reading |
Third Culture Matters | Shades of Culture and a Kind Policeman
Twinville | The More (Languages), the Merrier

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Illustration by Laura Munteanu

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Illustration Coordinator: Laura Munteanu

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