Angel Christmas Craft

What about an angel decoration that only requires a handful of resources and minimal sewing, and its construction is so fun and straightforward that small children won’t have any problems doing it?

Sounds good, right? Here we go:

What we need 

Some left over fabrics, big enough to cut out a square of at least 25 x 25 cm. The choice of fabrics is entirely yours, keep in mind though that shimmery fabrics and silks tend to give a more festive look. Also, when possible, you should use lighter fabrics – they flow more naturally when cut into this particular shape.

We will also be using scissors, your choice of coloured thread, wool (alternatively one could use the stuffing from an old pillow or toy) and anything you might want to use as decoration.

Let’s start!

Step 1: 

Cut out a square from your chosen fabric. The square should be at least 25*25cm – the bigger the square, the longer the angel’s body will be. After cutting it, remove all loose threads and iron it.

Place a wool ball in the middle of the square. For the head to keep its shape, the filling needs to be quite dense, so don’t be afraid to experiment with the amount of filling until you get the result you want. 

Step 2: 

Tie a thread around the filling, to make a neck. Use normal, sewing thread for a clean finish.

Step 3: 

Take a piece of wool and mold it so it looks like a rectangle. The longer the width, the longer the angel’s hair will be. Now, place this rectangle on the head and repeat step 3, making sure you fix the wool in place, like in the picture. Sew the hair in place using an “invisible” thread (optional). 

Step 4: 

Now that we have the structure of your angel, we can start decorating it. I chose a small bouquet of vintage flowers for mine, but you could use anything you have on hand. For example, cut a halo from some chocolate wrapping or paper. Make a loop in the center of the head, so you can hang it on the tree, door knob, or any other place that needs a bit of colour. 

It makes for a great gift, you can experiment with shape, colour and choice of decoration, and once you make your first one, the ideas will start flowing. Happy Holidays, everyone! 

Article and photos by Laura Munteanu

Laura studied journalism and advertising and has worked as a journalist and an illustrator. She has illustrated for magazines, websites, charities and diverse campaigns. Laura also designs jewellery and has had her jewellery and art exhibited. She lives in Zurich with her husband and eleven-year-old daughter.

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