February 2018: Metamorphosis

This month, we examine the concept of “Metamorphosis.” Our writers discuss events that produced a change in them, their children and families, or their circumstances. The word “metamorphosis” describes a fundamental change. Our publication has also experienced change: we are now called Family Matters – Switzerland. Since at least 1999, our team has discussed changing our title from Mothering Matters to something more inclusive, and finally, we have. This change, however – unlike the changes described by our writers – is mostly superficial. We still have the same excellent writers and illustrators as always, and we look forward to accompanying you on your parenting adventure in Switzerland as…Family Matters. Thank you for reading! We await your feedback. With love from all of us at Family Matters – Switzerland.


Rocketbook Brought Me Back to “Basics”


But…Is Something Holding You Back?

I’m No Longer the Same Person, and I Like It


Baby Baby | Top Five Tips for a Mama-to-Be

Breastfeeding Matters | Preparing for breastfeeding

Education | How Teaching Supports Children’s Change and Development

Expat Corner | Standing in Your Power

Dad Central | Getaways with Dad

Loco Parentis Plus Ça Change, and All of That

Out and About Gliding on Ice

Third Culture Matters Metamorphosis

Twinville The Personality Switch

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Cover illustration by Laura Munteanu

February – March 2018 Issue Contributors

Chief Copyeditor: Carol McDonald

Issue Coordinator: Andrea Snashall

Webmaster / Layout Designer: Tanya Deans

Illustration Coordinator: Laura Munteanu

Column and Feature Editors: Dina El-Halaby,  Liz Le Feuvre, Carol McDonald, Karin Mohler, Teresa Mueller, Andrea Snashall

Writers: Whitney Bushnell, Dina El-Halaby, Tammy Furey, Robyn Goss, Karin Andersson Hagelin, Dr Jahura Hossain, Elizabeth Kölük, Liz McEwan, Karin Mohler, Teresa Mueller, Keerthana Nagarajan, Johanna Sargeant, Brian Wilson, Monica Shah Zeeman,

Illustrators: BVisual (Beth),  Masha Ellis, Lara Friedrich, Susana Gutierrez, Diana Kübler (photos), Laura Munteanu, Keerthana Nagarajan (photo), Albina Nogueira,  Lemady Rochard, Pascal Schökle (photos)

Proofreader: Andrea Snashall

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Advertising / Finance Coordinator: Clare Ferrari

Social Coordinator: Iliana Eichholzer

Communications: Andrea Snashall, Clare Ferrari

Logo: Laura Munteanu

Our next issue is appearing in April 2018. The topic will be Viva la Difference.

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