October 2015: Challenges

October 2015 Issue: Challenges

Life is a journey.

Our road consists of joys, hardships, heartaches, celebrations and special moments. We face challenges that test our courage and bring up our strengths and weaknesses, forcing us to reconsider everything.

In this October Issue, five brave women bare their souls and share their stories with us. They recall the things that hurt them, motivated them, kept them down, and helped them bounce back when facing adversity and trauma.

Their resilience in the face of tragedy shows the amazing ability of the human spirit to transition successfully through the most difficult of circumstances and to find the inner strength to persevere, to endure, and to keep walking down the road.


The Incredible Remedy of Slow Parenting by Rachael Soster-Smith

Acceptance by Karin Andersson Hagelin

The Maybe Baby by Michelle Seaton Witte

Story of Hope by Tammy Furey

“Who Am I?”: Handling Kids’ Challenging Questions by Aradhna Sethi

Life Transitions by Raluca Babota


Crafty Kids | Paper Garland
Education Matters | Special Education Matters
Expat Corner | The Challenge of Being an Expat
Family Health | Let’s Talk About Stress
Fathering | I Refuse to Grow Up
In the Kitchen | Jump on the Juicing Bandwagon!
La Leche League | Breastfeeding Is Challenged
Out & About | Napoleon Museum and Arenenberg
Recommended Reading |
Third Culture Matters | Planning a Holiday for Five
Twinville | I Will Survive

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Illustration by Laura Munteanu

October 2015 Issue Contributors

Column and Feature Editors: Raluca Babota, Mary Bider, Dina El-Halaby, Carol McDonald, Andrea Snashall

Webmaster / Layout Designer: Tanya Deans

Chief Copyeditor: Carol McDonald. Assisted by Andrea Snashall.

Writers: Karin Andersson Hagelin, Raluca Babota, Tammy Furey, Dina El Halaby,  Dr Jahura Hossain,  Lisa Leutenegger, Karin Mohler, Teresa Mueller, Laura Munteanu, Michelle Seaton Witte, Aradhna Sethi, Rachael Soster Smith, Brian Wilson

Illustration Coordinator: Laura Munteanu

Illustrators: BVisual (Beth), Lara Friedrich, Susana Gutierrez, Ivy Hieber-Kwok, Lisa Leutenegger (photos), Sharanya Mageshwaran, Teresa Mueller (photos), Laura Munteanu, Albina Nogueira

Proofreaders: Andrea Snashall, Carol McDonald

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