April 2016: Caring

Welcome to our spring edition, which is all about caring. The definition of caring is to display kindness and concern for others, and to look after and provide for others’ needs. Some of us care not only for children, but also for pets and elderly relatives. We have features on all of the above topics. But what about ourselves? Who cares for us parents? Furthermore, to whom do we turn for support when living away from relatives and friends? A feature author explains how she has managed to find new friends, and how they have become more like family, and one of our columnists discusses what happened when she couldn’t fall back on relatives when her whole family was ill.

Clare Ferrari, Editor


Finding a Child Support Network by Louise Humphrey

The Childcare Hunt by Aradhna Sethi

Understanding Our Children and Ourselves by Monica Shah

Never Too Young to Help by Joanna Koch

The Good, the Bad and the Dogly: Pros and Cons of Dog Ownership by Andrea Snashall

Holidays with Childcare by Keerthana Nagarajan and Clare Ferrari


Education Matters | Developmental Daycare: Care with a Difference
Expat Corner |  What Illness Can Teach Us about Taking Care of Ourselves
Family Health | coming soon…
Fathering | Once, Twice, Three Times a Baby
In the Kitchen | Glorious Bone Broth
La Leche League | Caring for Babies and Their Mums
Out & About | Science Museum Excursions in Zurich and Elsewhere
Third Culture Matters | The Culture of Caring
Twinville | Bring It On

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Illustration by Laura Munteanu

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