Magic Night

Magic night, magic night, take me by the hand,

Weave me through your starry sky into a magic land.

Where children dance in the moonlight, with stardust in their hair,

Rising into the shimmering sky and flying through the air.

Magic night, magic night, I’m floating through the sky,

I grab the tail of a shooting star as it goes zooming by

I ride it like a velvet horse across the Milky Way,

He tosses his mane and stamps his feet and together we gallop away.

Magic night, magic night, come and follow me,

I’m sliding down a moonbeam now, into a milky sea.

I dive below the surface, deep beneath the waves,

I’m chasing sparkling silvery fish into their craggy caves.

Magic night, magic night I’m jumping on a cloud,

I’m doing cartwheels in the air and spinning all around.

The stars are smiling kindly as I snuggle down to rest,

The cloud is soft and very warm, I love it here the best.

Magic night, magic night, guide me gently home,

Tuck me in my little bed, where I’ll never be alone.

Stay with me and keep me warm and hold me while I’m sleeping,

Watch me with a million stars until the dawn comes creeping.

By Liz Lofthouse

As a primary teacher with 25+ years’ experience and holding a burning desire to give of herself to others, Liz applied her skills to create rich, colourful and evocative texts.

Liz passed away in May 2018, leaving behind a devastated family and a rich collection of writings.

Ziba Came on a Boat is a popular picture book written by Liz Lofthouse, published by Picture Puffin. “Based on real events, this is the moving story of a little refugee girl’s brave journey across the sea to make a new life, far from home.”

Max and the Rainbow Scarf is another beautiful piece of writing by Liz written for kids. We were fortunate to be able to publish it on the Family Matters Switzerland website in 2018.

Illustration by Aleksandra Koroleva

Aleksandra, originally from Moscow, Russia, now lives in Adliswil with her husband and almost-four-year-old son. She specializes in clinical psychology and started studying illustration after her son’s birth. In her free time Aleksandra likes sleeping, just as all mothers do. 

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