Dec 2018: Traditions


Swiss Christmas Markets 2018  by Tracy Wellons

A History of Sleep across the World by Kate Fergusson

Easy Ukrainian Sauerkraut by Masha Ellis

Cool Things to do in Winter in the Geneva Region by Jessie Mitchell

Rewriting Tradition for the First (Expat) Thanksgiving by Tracy Wellons

Simple Apple Cake by Vicky Bogers


Breastfeeding Matters | The Tradition of La Leche League Meetings in Switzerland

Education Matters | School Traditions in Switzerland

Expat Corner | How to Survive “Adulting”

In the Kitchen | Simple Apple Cake

Loco Parentis ‘Tis the Season to Be Greedy

Twinville Enriching Traditions

Don’t forget to check out  our listings:

What’s On for Families in Zurich and What’s On for Families in Basel 

Cover illustration by Laura Munteanu

Our next issue is appearing in February 2019. The topic is ‘Babies & Toddlers’.


December 2018 Issue Contributors

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Illustrators: Vicky Bogers (photo), BVisual (Beth),  Children First (photos), Masha Ellis (photos), Lara Friedrich, Robyn Goss (photos), Aleksandra Koroleva, Laura Munteanu, Lemady Rochard

Proofreader: Andrea Snashall

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