August 2018: Tweens and Teens

How old are your kids? Tweens are between the ages of about eight and 12, and teens, of course, are ages 13 to 19. Do you have one or more of these delightful creatures? If so, then this issue is for you! And if not – if, for example, you have babies or toddlers or younger children – guess what? This issue is for you, too, because your kids will be tweens before you know it.

There are some wonderfully informative articles here: you can help your tween begin to develop cooking skills and public speaking skills; or you can find out about the myriad options for teens at the secondary education level in Switzerland. Read also about the melancholy yet amazing experience of watching your children grow into adults. It is going to happen, so meet it head on and savor it, too! There are some good suggestions for outings with your tweens and teens (and littler ones, too): fishing, hiking, a fantastic science museum…

We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer and a great start to the school year!


Project Tween Kitchen Upskill by Rachael Soster-Smith

When She Was Mine by Jennifer Dziekan

Let the World Hear You! Public Speaking for Kids by Masha Ellis

Wandering along River Melezza in Canton Ticino by Valeria Camia

Teenagers and One-Way Streets by Jennifer Dziekan

Quo Vadis? Pathways at the Secondary School Level by Stefanie Busse-Dickinson

Education Options for Teens that You (Probably) Haven’t Heard of by Clare Ferrari

Raising Bilingual Children: When to Worry about Speech Issues by Birgit Suess


Baby Baby | A Letter from an Anxious Mummy

Breastfeeding Matters |  Twins and Teens

Dad Central | Fishing the Easy Way

Expat Corner | Complaining and the Expat: Could You Stop for 21 Days?

Loco Parentis A Pre-Teen is a Tween is an Adolescent

Out and About Technorama for Girls and Boys of All Ages

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Cover illustration by Laura Munteanu

Our next issue is appearing in October 2018. The topic will be Modern Families


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Illustrators: Jen Bognar, Olga Bushkova (photo), BVisual (Beth), Jennifer Dziekan (photo), Masha Ellis (photo), Gina Ferrari, Lara Friedrich, Susana Gutierrez, Teresa Müller (photos), Laura Munteanu, Albina Nogueira, Lemady Rochard, Rachael Soster-Smith (photos), Brian Wilson (photos)

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