Things to Do: Across Switzerland

A few tips on fun family activities around Switzerland.

National Parks Switzerland: click here for English. This is has lots of information as to where the parks are and what you can do there.

Ice-Skating: Here is an extensive list of ice-skating rinks across Switzerland

Swimming Pools and Outdoor Swimming Areas: This list is comprehensive and is organised by cantons.

Ricola Herb Gardens: Did you know that Ricola (the sweet producers) have herb gardens that you can visit between May and September? These small but perfectly formed little gardens can be found in six different locations around Switzerland, and are all situated in picturesque settings which are perfect for leisurely weekend hikes. Click here to view the website in English.

Spring / summer activity: Have you been to Mainau, Germany? Spring is the perfect time to experience their famous spring flowers in bloom. Your children will be easily entertained by the vast amount of activities. There is an adventure playground, treasure hunt, petting zoo, pony rides, butterfly house, and free admission for children 12 and under. There is also a playground just for the little ones, age 1-4. Make sure to stop by the historic 18th century castle. Here are all the details of activities for your kids, in English:  Here is a map of the island:   A tip: Get a handcar to carry all your belongings, located at the mainland and harbour entrance, free of charge. Mainau is located on an bridge accessible island just north of Konstanz, Germany. Find directions here:…/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x479af7d09a1786…

The Toggenburg Tone Trail is a wonderfully kid friendly 6km musically themed trail in Alp Sellematt in Alt St. Johann, St. Gallen. The trail includes 25 different sound installations to try out. Adults and children alike can try out the sounds that each installation makes, enjoy the stunning scenery, and stop for a picnic at a fire pit or a restaurant up on the mountain. The trail is located two hours by train or an hour and 15 minutes by car from Zurich in South Eastern Swit…zerland. For more detailed information on this walk, see…/der-klangweg-toggenburg.html,…/… and

Zermatt / Matterhorn: There is always a lot to do in this region, whether it’s summer or winter. Zermatt is the access point to the Matterhorn. This charming town is at 1,620 metres and is car free. Website in English.  The suspension footbridge at Furi is 90 metres high and 100 metres long. The Gorner Gorge is an area of natural beauty easily accessible via wooden walkways. The Ricola Herb Garden shows the 13 herbs that go into the Ricola sweets.

Swiss National Holiday: Brunch on a farm is a fun family experience that kids love. For the Swiss National Day on the 1st August, brunch is offered at around 350 farms all over Switzerland. Find a farm near you through these listed websites and ensure you make a reservation as the brunches often sell out: (in German) (in French) (in Italian)

vitaparcours (fitness trail) has a range of equipment that’s easy to use and simply explained. Kids from about five years of age as well as adults will enjoy it. There are over 500 located in forests all over Switzerland and they’re free too! More information:  Find where a vitaparcours is here.   There’s a free fitness training app to accompany the vitaparcours:…/corporate-respo…/zurich-vitaparcours

Photo by Daniel Schnellmann

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  • September 26, 2014 at 1:23 pm

    I am really sorry I read this post too late: I really would have enjoyed visiting a Ricola garden. I will try to remember about it next year!


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