Oct 2018: Modern Families


A Hausfrau Identity Crisis by Tracy Wellons

How Modern Technology Affects Your Family’s Sleep by Kate Fergusson

Top Tips for Staying in Touch across the Globe by Sarah Davies De Paola

Children Want Their Non-Fiction Books by Heather Simpson

Sponsorships for Successful Secondary Students in Ethiopia by Andrea Snashall


Breastfeeding Matters | Breastfeeding in the Modern Family

Education Matters | Smart Schools

Expat Corner | The Technicolor Extravaganza of the Modern Expat Family

In the Kitchen | Pumpkin Soup with Coconut Milk

Loco Parentis A Thoroughly Modern Mom

Don’t forget to check out  our listings:

What’s On for Families in Zurich and What’s On for Families in Basel 

Cover illustration by Laura Munteanu

Our next issue is appearing in December 2018. 


October 2018 Issue Contributors

Chief Copyeditor: Carol McDonald

Issue Coordinator: Andrea Snashall, Carol McDonald

Webmaster / Layout Designer: Tanya Deans

Column and Feature Coordinators: Dina El-Halaby,  Liz Le Feuvre, Karin Mohler, Teresa Mueller, Andrea Snashall

Writers:  Vicky Bogers,  Sarah Davies De Paola, Kate Fergusson, Dina El-Halaby,  Tammy Furey, Robyn Goss, Joanna Koch,  Elizabeth Kölük , Monica Shah Zeeman, Heather Simpson, Andrea Snashall, Tracy Wellons

Illustrators: Vicky Bogers (photo), BVisual (Beth),  Masha Ellis, Ethiopian Enterprises (photos), Lara Friedrich, Susana Gutierrez, Aleksandra Koroleva, Teresa Müller (photos), Laura Munteanu, Lemady Rochard, Room to Read (photos)

Proofreaders: Andrea Snashall

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest Moderators: Andrea Snashall, Tracy Wellons

Advertising / Finance Coordinator: Clare Ferrari

Social Coordinator: Iliana Eichholzer

Communications: Andrea Snashall

Logo: Laura Munteanu

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