June 2018: Out of the Comfort Zone

We are looking at the Comfort Zone in this issue. More specifically, we examine the positive effects of getting out of your Comfort Zone – of getting up and doing something that you wouldn’t normally do. Challenging yourself, encouraging yourself and then, at the successful conclusion, giving your back a well-deserved pat and seeing your confidence grow even stronger…our writers describe how this has worked for them. Enjoy the wonderful range of stories we have and don’t forget to look at the gorgeous photos and illustrations.

Happy summer to you and your family, whether in Switzerland or abroad…and both inside and outside of your Comfort Zone!

Andrea Snashall, editor


Goodbye to Stage Fright by Lesley Stephenson

My Toddler Loves Brussels Sprouts by Klara Debeljak

Verona – A Local’s Guide to The City Of Love by Chiara Capuzzo

Swiss Customs for Making Friends with Your Neighbors by Ariadne Brill

Max and the Rainbow Scarf – children’s story by Liz Lofthouse


Baby Baby Baby’s First Outing!  

Breastfeeding Matters |  Breastfeeding and the Comfort Zone

Education | Way of Tea

Expat Corner | Getting into the Snuggly Comfort Zone

Loco Parentis What Is This “Comfort Zone” of Which You Speak?

Out and About Wandering and Swimming along Lake Oeschinen in Canton Bern

Twinville A Twin Mom’s Comfort Zone

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Cover illustration by Laura Munteanu

Our next issue is appearing in August 2018. The topic will be Tweens & Teens.

June – July 2018 Issue Contributors

Chief Copyeditor: Carol McDonald

Issue Coordinator: Andrea Snashall

Illustration Coordinator: Laura Munteanu

Webmaster / Layout Designer: Tanya Deans

Column and Feature Coordinators: Dina El-Halaby,  Liz Le Feuvre, Carol McDonald, Karin Mohler, Teresa Mueller, Andrea Snashall

Writers:  Ariadne Brill, Whitney Bushnell, Chiara Capuzzo, Klara Debeljak, Dina El-Halaby, Tammy Furey, Robyn Goss, Joanna Koch, Elizabeth Kö￶lük, Teresa Mueller, Johanna Sargeant, Lesley Stephenson

Illustrators: Jen Bognar, BVisual (Beth),  Chiara Capuzzo (photos), Cloudia Chen (photos), Lara Friedrich, Susana Gutierrez, Laura Munteanu, Albina Nogueira

Proofreaders: Andrea Snashall, Liz McEwan

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest Moderators: Andrea Snashall

Advertising / Finance Coordinator: Clare Ferrari

Social Coordinator: Iliana Eichholzer

Communications: Andrea Snashall

Logo: Laura Munteanu

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