December 2016: Celebrations

We have reached the festive time of year where holidays and celebrations can crowd the calendar. It is great fun to cook, bake, eat, and drink with our friends and family, and food is a crucial element of our cultural celebrations. Food is memory, love, and life (literally and figuratively) for us. In this issue we have many delicious recipes to share and ideas for cross-cultural holiday celebrations.

We at Mothering Matters wish you and your families a relaxing and enjoyable time together as you build memories this holiday season. And a healthy and happy 2017!


A Taste of Christmas by Roz Bonomally

Christmas Cookies the Swiss Way by Franziska Wick

An Indian-Inspired Holiday Menu by Shinta Simon

Homemade Marbled Paper Holiday Cards by Rachel Blate

Celebrating the Festivals of Home with Our Expat Kids by Keerthana Nagarajan

Who We Are and How We Celebrate by Whitney Bushnell


Crafty Kids Little Star: A Christmas Decoration

Expat Corner Do You Celebrate Becoming an Expat?

Expat Bump Preparing for Birth and Beyond

Fathering | “How Many Sleeps…?”

In the Kitchen | What’s the Traditional Swiss Christmas Meal?

La Leche League | Celebration and Breastfeeding

Out & About | Zermatt: The Ultimate Winter Wonderland

Third Culture Matters | A Lipstick Christmas Tree and Paper Angels

Twinville | Celebrate Life

Don’t forget to check out What’s On for December 2016.

Illustration by Laura Munteanu

December 2016 Issue Contributors

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Illustration Coordinator: Laura Munteanu

Illustrators: Rachel Blate (photos), Roz Bonomally (photo), BVisual (Beth), Masha Ellis, Lara Friedrich, Sharanya Mageshwaran, Laura Munteanu, Keerthana Nagarajan (photos), Albina Nogueira,  Kate Prinsloo (photos), Shinta Simon (photos), Franziska Wick (photos)

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Our next issue appearing in February, 2017 will be entitled That’s Funny!

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