My Summer Staycation List

Despite the all-encompassing disruption of the coronavirus pandemic, time marches on. April showers have brought May flowers, and the spring is still bound to turn into summer.

For most of us , the arrival of warmer weather used to be a signal that vacations were just around the corner. But as the novel coronavirus continues to be a global health crisis, summer weeks ahead are filled with nothing.

Wait – we can use imagination to set ourselves free from this situation! We can connect with family and friends, play games, and find ways to express gratitude for others. Compile a list of activities for you and your family this special summer. Make sure to write down the ideas, and once you start to write, you will keep going, because you never knew it would be so much fun!

Here is my top 10 list for my family:

  1. Create light​. Make candles with fragrances that are calming and relaxing. Lavender is my favourite. My daughter loves it, too.
  2. Family game night​. Monopoly is the favourite. (We usually start the game right after dinner and once it went well past midnight…)
  3. Face painting​. Choose any theme, such as art designs, animal faces or scary faces. Kids love it.
  4. Create your own puzzle​. Or if you are bored with the puzzles you have at home, trade with a friend.
  5. Water balloon fights​. Outside, in the park, it’s never-ending fun.
  6. Grow herbs and flowers​. You can each have your own and observe whose sprouts first. This time I would like to grow coriander. My daughter wishes to grow sunflowers and tulips.
  7. Cooking challenge​. Keep all ingredients to hand (simple ones, for young kids). Recently a friend of mine organized a cake contest, and the kids really enjoyed following the recipe instructions. They baked wonderful cupcakes. Kids can cook, too!
  8. Bake for a neighbour or friend​. I recently packed an Indian lunch for a friend. She was very happy and enjoyed the recipe. She sent me a lovely home-baked bread with nuts. It was yummy!
  9. Play music​. This is something so simple…each of us has our own favourite music we love to listen to…just make the time to relax and enjoy.
  10. Last, but not least: don’t forget to ​declutter,​ arrange your books, kitchen shelves, wardrobes,etc.

Actually my list goes further: paint with your family, paint your walls, write a book, sing together, write a thank you note to someone who helped you and post it. See? Endless possibilities!

I am sure we will all sail through this summer. Good luck!

By Veena

Veena is a long time resident in Basel. She is a homemaker and has interests in music, painting and languages. She is also an avid nature enthusiast and volunteers for animal and pet care.

Illustration by Laura Munteanu

Laura has studied journalism and advertising, and has worked as a journalist and an illustrator. She has illustrated for magazines, websites, charities and diverse campaigns. She lives in Zurich with her husband and eleven-year-old daughter.

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